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A little something…

I’ve been gone along time but not down for the count. A lot has happened since I’ve last updated this thing. Things are still being worked on very slowly but surely. Here is a little draft animation for Lenny I whipped up for testing purposes, enjoy!

Busy. Busy. Busy

Hey everyone!

Just a quick update, we’re not dead. For from the truth, we are busy on all fronts and updates will soon come. There is a possibility of some very cool things heading our way and yours. Until then, peace.

Arkham Asylum

OK Batman fans, this game came out a while ago but I had to name it Game of the Week. There have been many, many Batman games on all different consoles but none have come close to the level of Batman immersion that Arkham Asylum does. Incredible graphics, incredible voice talent from the animated series, and a brilliant combat system. For the first time you really feel like your Batman, moving and fighting with ease. This really is a blend of the animated series and the Dark Knight. If you are at all a fan of Batman you need to play this game, seriously a AAA title.

Our First Review

MagniMatch has it’s first review via the website Check it out here.

Based on the feedback we’ve been given we’ll be updating the app soon to make it even better. Thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.