Reve Studios is a small independent video game development company creating games for mobile and console platforms. We are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota where the winters are long and summers are filled with road construction. Our goal is simple: make fun, innovative, quality games that make people take a second look. We love making games as much we as love playing them.

Reve Studios is the fulfillment of a childhood ambition to make great games. After dabbling with game design on various platforms, the release and success of the new iPhone/iPod platform gave me the motivation I needed to form a company, and Reve Studios was born in late 2008. Everyone at Reve Studios has a passion for video games; every person on our development team has dreamed about making video games since they were young. It’s a labor of love.

The name Reve Studios came from a screenplay that I was working on with one of my best friends in high school and college. Reve is the French word for dream. The idea of having a “dream” studio made a lot of sense in naming this company, and the sound of the word calls to mind the revving of an engine, ready to move forward at top speed. Gaming is the art form that combines the worlds of film, storytelling, graphic design, and traditional visual art with the cutting edge of technology. Dreams, moving forward: the possibilities are limitless. You are free to dream your ideas as far as they will go.

Chad Robinson – Founder