Rinse and Repeat

Well now that we have our first title under our belt and took a little breather, we ready to start again. Our next game is in full swing and we hope to be releasing in early fall. As a little teaser here a couple of early sketches of the characters in the game. Stay tuned for more.

Hello World

I’m proud to announce the launch of my new company, Reve Studios, along with our first game release, “MagniMatch,” on the iPhone/iPod.

Reve Studios, a video game development company, is the fulfillment of a childhood ambition to make great games. After dabbling with game design on various platforms, the release and success of the new iPhone/iPod platform gave me the motivation I needed to form a company, and Reve Studios was born in late 2008. Everyone at Reve Studios has a passion for video games; every person on our development team has dreamed about making video games since they were young. It’s a labor of love.

Our first game, “MagniMatch,” is a simple matching game with a twist. Users view and move the object under the magnifying glass to find out what it is. Colorful graphics and positive vocal feedback ensure that young kids will have a great time exploring and finding the correct answers. This game is intended for children 2 years of age and older, and it’s available now on the App Store for just 99¢.

This is only the first of some great titles we’ll be putting out in the coming months and years. A special thanks to everyone who has supported us during this start-up period and who continues to support us. I encourage everyone to check out our website at www.revestudios.com. Please feel free to give us feedback and rate our games so we can make them better with updates in the future. You can also follow us on twitter.com/revestudios and become a fan of our Facebook page to keep updated on the latest news and projects.

Help us get the word out by retweeting, emailing, facebooking, and telling all your friends and family about us. We couldn’t do it without you!


Chad Robinson

Reve Update

Things are really moving along at the moment. Finally putting the finishing touches on our first app and readying it for submission to the app store. I hope everyone with little kids checks it out because it’s a fun little learning app.

Lot’s of really cool stuff on the horizon for us. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I’ll keep posting updates.

Angry Birds: 2D Physics Blast

Our game recommendation for this week is Angry Birds for the iPhone/iPod

This funky twist on a physics based tower destroyer is quite fun. With the quirky birds and sinister pigs, there is just something satisfying about flinging a chicken through the air in a giant sling shot. I great buy at 99¢ [App Store] check it out. The full review is provided by TouchArcade.com

Trundle’ – A Free Game You Need

Mobile Bros’ puzzle platformer Trundle [App Store] was released yesterday, and is getting nowhere near the attention it deserves. Trundle is a free game with a neat art style all tied together with simple tilt and touch controls that create a great (but short) gameplay experience. (via Joystiq)

I’ve played it and really have to take my hat off to them. Great game with a great art style.